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NEW STUDY: U.S. Sugar Industry Good for the Economy, Jobs

(Chuck Muth) – A new study was released this month on the “Economic Impact of the U.S. Sugar Industry” which was conducted by the Agricultural and Food Policy Center.

The report points out that – despite the current U.S. sugar program of limited tariffs and quotas on sugar-producing countries that heavily subsidize their product and sell below the actual cost of production – the United States is one of the world’s largest sugar importers, providing essentially duty-free access to more than 40 countries.

In addition, the report also notes that while other essential products “experienced pandemic related shortages,” the U.S. sugar industry maintained a consistent supply throughout the pandemic.”

Some additional highlights…

  • The U.S. sugar industry contributes over $23 billion to the U.S. economy annually
  • The industry is responsible for more than 37,000 direct jobs and almost 150,000 indirect jobs
  • In the Red River Valley straddling North Dakota and Minnesota, the sugarbeet industry supports almost 33,000 jobs and contributes around $5 million annually to the two states’ economies
  • In the small town of Renville, MN – with a population of 1,300 residents – the sugarbeet industry provides 370 full-time jobs and another 360 seasonal jobs
  • In Idaho – ranked second in sugarbeet production – the industry provides almost 20,000 jobs and contributes $2.3 billion annually to the state’s economy
  • In Louisiana, the sugarcane industry provides over 19,000 jobs and contributes over $4 billion annually to the state’s economy
  • In Texas, the sugarcane industry provides over 2,3000 jobs and contributes $218 million to the state’s economy
  • In Florida – which produces half of the nation’s sugarcane – the industry provides just over 19,000 jobs and contributes almost $5 billion annually to the state’s economy

The U.S. sugar industry is an American success story thanks to the effectiveness of the U.S. sugar program.  And when something works…don’t fix it.

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