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  • Chuck Muth
    Free the Sugar!

    (Andrew Langer) – As a number of free-market, limited-government, and conservative groups have called for Congress to seriously consider the “Zero...

    Chuck MuthAugust 7, 2013
  • Chuck Muth
    It’s time for ‘zero for zero’ farm subsidies

    (by Seton Motley) – We are approaching the DC’s sleepy season. Congress will soon adjourn for the summer. President Barack Obama...

    Chuck MuthJuly 31, 2013
  • Chuck Muth
    Rice, Rice Everywhere…and Not a Grain to Sell

    It was a foolproof plan. What could possibly go wrong? Instead of paying money directly to rice farmers to subsidize rice...

    Chuck MuthJuly 29, 2013
  • Chuck Muth
    For Free Market Sugar, WTO only Way to Go

    A new study by Dr. Mark Hartley, a Professor of Business at the College of Charleston, concludes in a new study...

    Chuck MuthJuly 22, 2013
  • Chuck Muth
    Study: A Third Way on Sugar

    Americans for Limited Government Foundation released “The Case for a Zero for Zero Sugar Policy in the United States” by Dr....

    Chuck MuthJuly 19, 2013
  • Chuck Muth
    Nature Abhors A Vacuum… Even In Trade

    By Andrew Langer The axiom that nature abhors a vacuum applies well-beyond the physics of the universe. Economics is an organic...

    Chuck MuthJuly 15, 2013
  • Chuck Muth
    India Jacks up Import Tax on Sugar

    Stung by a “recent flood of cheap imports because of low global prices,” India earlier this month increased the import tax...

    Chuck MuthJuly 15, 2013
  • Chuck Muth
    Sugar and the Brazilian Man March

    While I may not be an economist, I can understand news reports written in plain English about what Brazil is doing...

    Chuck MuthJuly 11, 2013
  • Chuck Muth
    Former congressman pushing sugar policy

    (Jeremy Alford/ – Former U.S. Rep. Jeff Landry of New Iberia has been advocating an idea on Capitol Hill that involves...

    Chuck MuthJuly 3, 2013