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The Return of Sugar Rationing?

(June 11, 2013) – The following item appeared today in the 60 Plus Association e-newsletter and raises some important points relating to U.S. sugar policy…

The Return of Sugar Rationing?

Many seniors may recall sugar rationing as a way of life as children, when the U.S. was dependent on other nations for this prized commodity, especially during WWII. Unfortunately rationing and higher food prices may actually be a part of our future if Congressional leaders don’t address crucial dynamics in the upcoming farm bill negotiations.

Of course higher food prices would be especially devastating to seniors on fixed incomes, so this issue has to be addressed seriously.
The key to avoid the possibility of a return to rationing is to ensure free and fair trade, and confront sugar-producing nations on their state-subsidies which distort prices and supplies on world markets. While many are opposed to America’s current sugar program that involves tariffs and quotas, it could prove disastrous to end it cold turkey if it means leaving our families exposed to the manipulations of overseas sugar producers.

The key, of course, is to promote true free-market policies that all nations must abide by. Without a firm policy that protects our nation against predatory trade practices of nations such as Brazil and Mexico, the prices of staple items such as bread, yogurt, cereal – nearly everything in our cupboard will cost much more. That’s a return to the past that no one wants to see.